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HQ1490M (CO2 Laser For Metal & Non-metal)

Máy cắt khắc laser HQ1490M

Technical Index:

Max.working area: 1400*900mm or As client’s requirement.

Max. working speed: 25m/min.

X/Y Locating Precision: 0.1mm

X/Y Repeat Locating Precision: +0.1mm

Voltage:220V+10%, 50Hz/110V, 60hz

Laser power: 100W, 130W, 150W, 200W

Max. power: <2.5KVA

Operating Temperature: 5-40 degree centigrate

Graphic Format Supported: CDR, BMP, PLT, GPEJ, DXF, DST

Machine size:1880*1430*920mm

Packing size:1990*1540*1120mm

Gross weight: 300kgs.

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Available Materials: 

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (0.2-2mm).


Stainless Steel Cutting:       (Cutting 1mm Stainless Steel with 40 Speed)        (Cutting and Engraving Acrylic)       (1490M Cutting 1.5mm Carton Steel pipe–Round)        (1490M Cutting 1.5mm Carton Steel pipe–Square)


Plywood Cutting:           (10mm plywood)        (20mm plywood)        (Engraving on Wood)           (7mm Plywood)       (19mm Plywood)


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